YM31 detailed experience report

Venue: Yue Ming
Address: Near Dongxiao South
Consumption: 389

YM is not familiar with JS and the forums are not very carefully discussed. There is no special recommendation number.

See LY shot JS photos only in an old article

And YM plus JS, which is not like ASST

I just had to find a director's Weixin. After talking about my preferences, I made an appointment.

The environment is much better than ASST. After all, it’s only recently renovated. It looks very small outside. I didn’t expect it to be quite spacious.

But it is also a lot more expensive. Adding a lot of price 389 is not a price that most people can afford for a long time. Add too much. XL thinks YM's 389 is not worth it!

As for the dinner, it is said that there is good news. I have not experienced it. Let’s talk about it again~

Let's experience the food first, maybe just after the Chinese food time, the good food is down. The food is relatively bad. The fruit is probably the same as ASST. I miss ASST's fried dumplings.

When I got to the scene, I ate something. I made an appointment. I just found the director.

At that time, I was a little nervous. After all, I came to YM for the first time and I don’t know if the director is pushing the JS like the directors of ASST.

I entered the room. I didn't expect JS to wait inside. Of course, YM style is very dark with ASST. I can't see my fingers. After all, it's an hour. I didn't mean to shoot a gun. The first time I came, don't be too bad. I also have a good relationship with the director.

My light is on for a moment. I want to see this JS. This JS is pure and pleasing. It’s not beautiful, but it’s cute.

Good shape, wearing high heels, estimated to be 167~168 legs long and straight

However, it may be younger. The interaction is still tweaking. I hugged it gently. I want to reach out and grab the dragon claw. I didn’t expect JS to resist.

JS said that he itch does not like to touch very much. Unfortunately, the wave is very good, although it is not very natural elasticity.

As for the FW aspect, the ASST YM series is the same. MY DL KB

It is worth mentioning that KJ

KJ skill is good, ST will always turn on your GT, turn very hard, very refreshing.

DL KB is not too big surprise

As for the following, I don’t really want to play with the hole ball....I don’t really love it. Even if it’s!

This JS five senses is good in the KB field. If the makeup skills are good, the JS body that will not lose to the FJ field is relatively delicious.

When I leave, I pay special attention to other JS. It seems that King Kong Barbie has a little more relative to the aunt. I would like to see the LY who wants to go!

Looking back, look at this JS, but it’s a fairy.

Is YM the next time?! Although JS is more JS is relatively young (?! I am not sure)

But the 389 price is too low, there is no special consideration in the future, or LY provides a clear card number. It should still stay in ASST.

Next time I want to experience DG, JNH look

DG, although JS seems to be normal, FW does not have KB, and it is still hygienic, not environmentally friendly, but still try it.

JNH Forum does not seem to have much discussion