JT leisure club, this QT field seems to have no post (more t

Venue: Jingtai Leisure
Address: Opposite to Shayong Bus Station, Baiyun District
Consumption: Thai 138 / QT328

  The address is just opposite the Shayong Bus Station in Baiyun District. You can see it at the station and cross the road from the sidewalk.

  It was raining at a friend's office on the same day. When I was walking down, I was waiting for the bus stop at Shayong Bus Station. I looked up and saw a leisure club opposite, and immediately changed the plan to try out the field. After getting started, I saw the environment in general, I feel older. I received a foreign minister at the reception counter, and went to contact and talk, knowing that there are QT, 328. (The door is written with Thai style 138)

  The 1st floor is showered, the 2nd floor rest area is the same as the massage room, not sitting in the leisure area. The wilderness is old and well, but each lounge chair has one set, a TV set such as a computer display, arranged left after entering the room. No. 33 JS, the door is, 27-28 or so, the body is moderately decent, all because of the darker, the 唔 唔 is clear, but all have 60 points or more, consider the left one, and finally did not change.

  When the service asked the left JS 啲 situation, called Axiu, Hubei people. Touching a bobo is fine, only A, began to regret, than the 啲 light with bra squeezed a fake wave to lie to the left ... service is good, so soon start KJ, refuse 69, I refer to the channel than the channel Li. The woman began to be happy, and hurriedly helped me to start the ml, and I was willing to take the position, and refused to cooperate with the posture. When I got up, I used a posture to smash the canal, and the pain in the channel was stopped. Minutes to the water to mess up, finished the sound of the sulphur atmosphere at the bed, as if running the left into a kilometer! ! The female mid-street booth hits the bed to the shackles, blaming me for being too powerful, knowing the pity and cherishing the jade... speechless! Hey, one of them is all right, and you have a feeling of pity and jade! Anyway, the next time, Li Tuo will be a squad.