Lujiang F Long 298 has a big surprise!

Venue: Dragon Massage
Address: Lujiang Metro B Exit to the right about 100 meters
Consumption: 298,398

Come here! Post the first time. Treat with the most serious attitude! In fact, the dragon is on the side of the road, but! I will go wrong twice! why? Because there is only one staircase at the door, and there is a big brand next door, and the stairs are open in comparison, about 5 meters away from the pedestrian road, so if you want to find it, you must always keep your eyes on it. Shops, or else I will go wrong a few times like me. (Metro Lujiang Station B exit and turn right, about tens to 100 meters or so, it is really on the roadside!!)

  Ok, go to the front desk. When the front desk sees me, I throw a hand over without saying a word. I don’t have a word, I don’t even look at it. Well, go in for a bath, the male waiter in the bath room is very good, the bathroom looks like it for a long time, the environment is generally. Take a bath and put on your trousers and go straight into the lounge, where the lights are super dark and the lights are simply decorated! The minister asked me if I would like to find JS immediately. I said yes, I asked if I have been there. I said no, then let me go to a room. The room is also very dark, and there is a relatively large glass window, and it is sure to see what happens inside. A few minutes JS came, and I couldn't see it clearly. She said that she was No. 12, Guangxi, who used to chat in Mandarin. After talking about it, she talked to me in Cantonese. I felt that JS was stupid. Not long or short hair. The figure is more popular.

  Into the title! When she came in, she touched my thigh a few times (PS: It really touched! It looks like a massage, actually... everyone knows, the massage technique will not be good) and then touched for a few minutes. After chatting a few words, she reached out into my crotch and grabbed my JJ and asked me which 168,298,398 (169 don't know, 298BT, 398QT). I said 298, she immediately asked me to change a room. When she went to a darker room, she turned off the lights and said that I went to get the tools, and then I went for about 10 minutes, quite a long time. When she came back, she pulled the overalls onto it. Nothing was worn inside. The chest was ordinary, not too big. I can only play it. I came up with a style of 69. She has no taste underneath. She can point into the can, she will help me put on the sleeve and then have a hot water to help me KJ. . . However, after 10 minutes, I felt that I didn't feel anything. She felt tired. She took off my sleeve and continued KJ. It still didn't react. . .

  All right! The climax is coming! ! ! Later, she said that I told you to let you hurry up, or 298 that price. I immediately agreed! Then the man went to the woman, the woman went to the man, and the two used the two rounds. The cockroaches kept on, the two legs were tightly clamped, and I always said that you are very big! Finally, I did 10 to 20 minutes and shot it. Because it is formally one and a half hours, I can actually go away immediately, I said no hurry, then she also stayed very well and talked to me about a lot about her industry inside, during which I still play Play with her inside. It was enough to get out of the shower. The waiter in the shower room was very polite to say that we provided free clothes and pants, and asked us to give a tip. That would definitely not be resisted. I gave him 10 pieces. I bought the suit. After all, he is also very dedicated to his service.

  In short, I used 298 money to play 398 FW this time. However, she said this. If the guest can easily blow it out or play it out, it will not be done with you. If it is blown for a long time, it will be done. If she is tired, she may do it with you. (Always guarantee the original words!) I am very satisfied with it. After all, I am very cheap. I recommend one to my friends, but if you want to have a lot of FW projects like BT, MY, DL, sorry for this one. No, because it is dry up! I went to this time, I should take my friends next time, recommend the 12th, I can't see it anyway, it's black and lacquer anyway, it's a bit silly, the topic is constant, and FW is a good idea. I feel very satisfied, I said in detail, what do you think?