Just coming back from the same KJW and getting refreshed (mo

On the weekend, when it was wet outside, I felt that there was an ignition coming out. I just moved to the vicinity of the Southern Hospital. So I left at 8 o'clock and came to the nearest venue, and I was relaxing with KJW near the subway station. The first time I went, I was not familiar with anything, and my heart was playing drums. After the shower, I came to the rest area. A BZ greeted me and asked for a reply. "Young, beautiful, 338" Because there are not many people going to work tomorrow, I can go to the clock immediately. I don't know if other wolf friends are like me, taking me into a dark room, even JS can't see anything, a bit uncomfortable. Listening to the sound is very sweet, the skin is very slippery, especially the thighs, squats. Just don't change it. Massage for a few minutes to get the props, just come. I have to say that the sister's service is still very hard, starting from the front, BT, MY, and then let me kneel down to the service behind, DL is very serious, enough for a few minutes, and sometimes from the tongue to attack the eggs, BH, then lie down in front of BH, BH, then BH, then directly KB, is directly in the mouth, a taste... you know. Then clean up and massage to the next bell. Did not ask for the job number, left the phone. Because sister paper said that only CALL clocks are more than 10 yuan, and then there are more bonuses. This sister paper said that the characteristics are good for the five senses, the sound is sweet, and then PP... The last one of the special circumstances is not verified, the next time must be. She also has a cousin who is also here, the characteristics are very big, very white, two different types. Sister flowers, there is a heart! The double flight here is plus 200. I have no interest, and I can't circle the forks. I will do it if I fly. Come out to the lounge area for a drink, buffet and internet cafe, and the buffet is hot, just a little less. I used to work in Shenzhen. Now I am in Guangzhou. I feel that the venue is two modes. Shenzhen is cheaper, but after the JS service is finished, I will leave the shower and no one else can enjoy it. There are dozens of dollars in Guangzhou, there is a buffet, you can rest, watch TV, it is worth it.