Yuancun Ren Ytang experience! ! ! Focus! ! Let's take a look

Venue: Ren Ytang
Address: Bus Station, Wencun Siheng intersection
Consumption: 160

First experience report! ! ! I hope you see the official! ! !

Since I saw a lot of LY's experience report of Ren Ytang, I have a fire in my heart! ! Haha, just want to vent it! Just went on the weekend! ! ! Ok, let's get started!

Get off the bus and go upstairs, that speed is really faster than the "rocket"! ! ! Go to the front desk, don't ask you! "Boss, massage? 160 is it!". It’s all about knowing our situation and it feels good! Take me directly to the room, while walking, ask 128, 99, 68, these JS that are known in other LY are in the clock, helpless, the boss arranged a 22. (Tucao, the environment is really not how) into The room scared me, the lights, the sheets were not comfortable! no way. Sit and wait for JS to come and serve!

Wait, wait a minute, 22 will come in! Should be around 30 years old, not ugly, mainly BOBO is not bad, haha! Still satisfied! ! Paving the bed and changing the pants will start! It was AM at the beginning, still quite skilled and comfortable! I haven’t pressed it under the thigh, and I can’t help but hold her over! ! ! JS is still very cooperative, open the zipper, take off the XZ (not take off) and start my hand and mouth! Really nice, very cool! ! BOBO is really good and very handy! Touch it! Oh! ! ! Enjoyable! ! ! The whole process is to turn off the lights, in fact, not beautiful, do not care, do not give kisses! The following M will not give up! (Maybe I won't talk) M for a long time, I didn't feel it! The following is also a great support, let her take the oil in! FJ is good and very comfortable! ! ! Enjoyable

After finishing the squatting to continue AM, it is also tired! Don't want to move, press back! Suddenly JS can still Y? Come again with an F. That excitement! Really can FJ twice! ! The way to tell the truth is really good. FJ while touching BOBO! Comfortable! ! ! After two planes, you can walk down the clock for less than an hour! Don't want to continue

If you want to vent your LY, you can come and try it! 160 twice FJ! ! JS Bobo greatly haha ​​Next time I want to try 128, 99, 68 these others recommend!

In the end, I want to go to the environment, but it is worth it to think about 160FJ twice! And it is quite good for the double bell! ! ! Ren Ytang first experience